What Makes Mountain Grass Rugs So Different?

People looking for major house makeovers or searching for options to decorate their house for the first time, would realize that the choice of flooring and floor coverings has a major part to play. Not only is it the most visible aspect of a living room, it also needs to be equipped with all relevant safety features as the living room is one of the most used spaces in any home.

There is a wide variety of synthetic fiber carpets available in the market. People still prefer natural fiber rugs for a number of reasons.

The intricate natural feel of such rugs makes the inhabitants feel closer to nature. Most natural rugs are unique and add a touch of artistic pleasure in the surroundings. Moreover, natural fibers are usually sought from plant sources, which are practically an inexhaustible source of a continuous natural supply. These plants can be harvested and new ones will grow again. It implies that no additional burden is placed on the environment. Also, natural fibers are completely biodegradable, making it easier to handle the disposal and decomposition of used and worn out carpets. Unlike synthetic fiber carpets, natural area rugs are environment friendly in all regards.

Mountain grass is also one of the natural fibers which are used to make rugs, including sisal rugs. It possesses all of the aforementioned qualities, which make it the preferred choice of several environmentalists. Mountain grass rugs are an adequate statement for those who like 'going green', which is a rising trend that is here to stay. Unless initiatives are taken from small meager objects, a global revolution is impossible to occur.

Mountain grass rugs have additional benefits, which give it an edge over all other competitors. It is stain resistant and hence, is an easy-to-maintain option for rug lovers. It is also ideal for use in wet places like kitchen and bathroom as it does not interact with water like other synthetic and natural fibers. Moreover, it can be effectively cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or, in case of annual cleaning regime, with water and soap.

Moreover, the mountain grass fibers are fire-resistant. Unlike all other carpets, which rapidly catch fires and incinerate, the mountain grass rug has the capability to discourage the spread of fire. It does not catch fire easily and hence can provide an additional protection to the family and the house.

Last but not the least, mountain grass fibers can sustain an immense amount of stress. They can ideally be used in areas where high foot traffic prevails like hallways and offices. It does not readily show signs of damage in the form of depressions and hence, can accompany its owner for a long time period.