Design, the Process and the Management

Design can be simply defined as a strategic approach to create a plan or a resolution for the production of an object or a system. Formally; design has been described as the specification of an object, revealed by an agent, intended to achieve targets, in a particular environment, using a set of primitive components, satisfying a set of requirements, subject to constraints.

Finding Inspiration for Unconfident DIY Designers

Are someone who doesn't consider themselves 'arty' or 'creative', and finds themselves at a loss when asked 'what inspires you?' When you start planning an interior design project you need to start with inspiration, and trust me - you have as much inspiration for creativity in you as anyone else. It's just that you haven't been practicing recently and your creative muscles are probably a little flabby. Being inspired takes practice and the ability to look in the right places.

The right place to start looking is actually in the mirror. After all, how can you be happy if you don't know what makes you happy? How can you be stylish if you don't know what style you like? Marcus Aurelius said "Look within. Within is the fountain of good and it will bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig." I think he has a good point.

Tiffany Lamps: Illuminating Your Space Distinctively

It is very old concept to decorate home with elegant light fixtures. But giving it a distinction is completely in your hands. There is plethora of options available in the market that can add a new edge to your home décor. And if you are amongst the people having a unique taste and sense of selection, you can go for Tiffany lamps. These lamps are simply perfect to add a classy touch and beauty to any corner of your home.

Like any other decorative item, you have a number of options in these lamps as well. They are also referred as antique items. They are usually made of stained glass in variety of shades, styles and color to give your home a look of perfection. It is very hard to find genuine Tiffany lights in today's time. Even if you find them, they might be very expensive. This is not just due to the beauty and handcrafted artistry but also their existence in limited number adds to the mystique.

Four Sources of Inspiration for Your Interior Design Project

If you are at a loss with where to start with your interior design project, a little research can work wonders. If the interior magazines and homeware catalogues aren't getting you anywhere, leave the house and start looking elsewhere.

1. Nature

The great outdoors is a clear source of inspiration for many product designers. The swirl of a shell, the leaves of a plant, the aerodynamics of a bird, all contribute to our technology and our design landscape. When perfection is at your disposal why not learn from it? The essence of beauty comes from our appreciation of nature so why not use it as a starting point for our ideas? Take a camera with you and get some pictures of the different textures you come across, the types of wood you like and the colour palettes which naturally work so well together.

Finding Time and Space to Discover Your Interior Design Style

Journalists talk about people who have innate style, a timeless style or a natural style. They imply that style is something that is inherited and handed to you on a silver platter. But I disagree. It's true that style will come more easily to those who have been surrounded by it forever, or have discussed it considerably or been interested in it since birth. But I think anyone can discover their own style with a little time and space.

How to Create a Classic Timeless Home Decor Design

Some of us want to redecorate our homes only once and just change the accent pieces as our tastes change. But how can you achieve timeless home décor that cans simply be added on to?

Let's take a look at some tips on how to keep your decor timeless.

Think minimalistic, in the sense of design and fashion less is always more. A good friend and well known artist have this saying that simplicity is elegance. You can incorporate this saying in your home décor and wardrobe alike. Minimalism means ample spaces and using only the necessary decor items and furniture.