Create Your Dream Bed From Bottom to Top

When you sleep in an uncomfortable, impractical or past its sell by date bed it can put you off the whole idea of going to sleep. But your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind - so why not create a luxurious bed that you'll look forward to diving into at the end of the day, every day!

Bed Base and Mattress

Make sure you pick a high quality bed base and mattress. Memory foam can be a good option for comfort but it's harder to control body temperature when you're on memory foam, which can lead to a restless night's sleep. If you to keep cool and enjoy the optimum comfort too, then try a bed that comes with a Sealy mattress. They're cotton filled and utilise springs as opposed to memory foam, so they provide great support whilst still allowing enough air to circulate to keep your body at a comfortable temperature.


There is nothing finer in life than diving into cool and crisp Egyptian cotton sheets. If you want your bed to be all about luxury from top to tail then ensure you always choose the best quality cotton you can afford. The higher the thread count, the softer your sheets will be, but you can ensure they stay softer for longer by washing them at a low temperature with plenty of fabric softener.


A luxurious look just doesn't work when you've got meagre pillows so make sure yours are well stuffed. There are so many different types of pillow to choose from depending on your needs. Many people swear by duck feathers, whilst others find an orthopaedic pillow is the most comfortable for them. Whatever type of pillow you opt for don't attempt to make savings with cheap versions as they won't last as long and will be less effective.


When you want a luxury look you can really go to town on your bedding. Look for opulent pillows, soft and tactile throws and even woven runners thrown over the end of your mattress. Your bed can be a cornucopia of colour provided you stick to three basic hues with some extra accents thrown in. satin and silk are wonderful materials for adding an extra touch of luxury so look for silken quilted throws and soft, satiny cushions to provide a few regal touches. If you're idea of luxury is tapestries, tassels and deep dark reds, then cover your bed in crushed red velvet and look for tapestried throw pillows. Or why not turn your bedroom into burst of springtime by mixing and matching floral patterns. Add a few solid colour cushions to ensure the effect doesn't go overboard.