Splash Decorative and Scatter Cushions in Your Living Room

Fed up of that old look of your drawing room? Maybe the living furniture needs a splash of your smart finishing touch in an inexpensive way, with decorative and scatter cushions. These cushions will change the entire setup of your drawing room. The cushions and the choice of the decorative cushion covers make a personal stamp of the owner of the house. Let's tell you a few tips on how to choose them.

Look for a common pattern/color

Peek at the various colors and textures that are already present in your homes. A similar pattern or a color matched with a stylish coffee table or sideboard will perk up the looks of the interiors. A common color running here and there can unify the living room look.

Pick up a magazine that deals with interiors. Throwing down the cheap large cushions on the floor is not the only way out for decorative and scatter cushions. Browse through the magazine, grab the tips on decorations, and refine the look of the cushions. Place them as a group or pile them up in one area, the choice is yours!

Ethnic, contemporary or modern look

Cushions that have neat and decorative trim work done look great for conventional arrangements. The laces and work done may have ethnic motifs displayed and they are ideal if you like a traditional look in your home. Lines, circles, semi-circles, solid colored cushions, patterns etc are great if your style is contemporary or modern. Just throw the cushions around to give a lounged modern look.

People who visit decide choice

Are there many kids in your house? Then make sure that you don't use decorative pillows or very soon you may find torn bits of lace around because of the ruffian play. The kids tend to dirty the cushions with spills so decorative pillows are a big No-No.

The fabric needs to be washed regularly and the decorative ones may not bear the wear and tear. Do you have some polite friends sit around? Then you can display just about anything! Just get colorful and spread the cushions around. But if your friends are the lying around types, then make sure that the fabric is scratch free or you mind end up with some "rashy friends".