Finding Time and Space to Discover Your Interior Design Style

Journalists talk about people who have innate style, a timeless style or a natural style. They imply that style is something that is inherited and handed to you on a silver platter. But I disagree. It's true that style will come more easily to those who have been surrounded by it forever, or have discussed it considerably or been interested in it since birth. But I think anyone can discover their own style with a little time and space.

Making space

As strange as it may seem, thinking requires space. Both the space in your head that allows you to think more clearly and without distraction, and of course the physical space. You need somewhere you can claim as your own, that isn't a dumping ground for other people's junk, that isn't a temporary spot that you can only use when nobody else is using it.

Initially you might not need a great deal of space at all - perhaps just a chair in the corner of the room where you can read. A spare room is a good alternative, because these rooms aren't in constant use and they're only used for storage until the day before your mother-in-law arrives anyway. Better find a good storage solution instead and claim the territory as your own. Get a desk that can fold away when guests are there but which can be left scattered in images, magazines, samples of fabrics and wallpapers for the majority of the time.

Finding time

Creating your own style and design is a skill, skill comes with practice, and practice takes time. 10,000 hours according to numerous studies. To become the top of your game (business, music, sport etc) requires a solid 10,000 hours of practice. Naturally gifted people will excel but will not out-perform someone who practices more than they do.

So finding a scrap 20 minutes here or there won't get you the results you're after. It's worthwhile, I find, to have a good look at your weekly activities and try to organise them into chunks. Set a decent few hours aside each week for your interior design project where you will go to the space you have created and think about your own style.

Finding style

Finding your own authentic style and your own sense of taste will make your home as unique as you are. Or as eclectic and as random as you prefer. Or as sumptuous and elegant as you want. It is, after all, your authentic style! Once you have found your own style and designed your interiors accordingly, your home will truly 'belong' to you. It will ooze your personality. So make space, find time, and get cracking with styling your home!