Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans - Top Brands

When it comes to choosing new ceiling fans, there are several brands, for both in and outdoor use. Depending on what you are looking for, the price you are willing to pay, and the features, look, and the settings that are most important to you, there are a number of ceiling fans for you to choose from when you shop for one.

Hunter -

As one of the oldest companies, you will find both in and outdoor fans. You can find elegant designs, rustic, all wood, all metal, and several other options. In the mid price range, you won't find many brands better than this. The company sells both in and outdoor fans, but mainly focuses on indoor fans, for bedrooms, living rooms, or any other room in the home.

Cassablanca -

If you are willing to pay a little more, you can find great ceiling fans with this company. Mainly focused on indoor fans, and unique, elegant designs, you are going to pay a higher price tag for the fans, but you are also going to get the great material finishes, designs, and power settings. With solid material construction, these indoor fans are great for any home, if you like elegant design, style, and elaborate finishes for your home.

Emerson -

Coming out only a few years after the Hunter brand, this is another of the top choices for you to consider when shopping for these fans. You can find all wood or all metal designs, and you can find the products for either in or outdoor settings. If you like great styles, and are willing to pay a higher price, as they do charge more than other competitors in the industry, you can find a great fan, great designs, and a style for any room or outdoor area of the home.

Minkaire -

This is one of the newer companies, and it is most well known for providing customers with reasonable prices, and with low priced solutions for indoor ceiling fans. Although you won't get the elaborate design or detail, and you won't find the most solid material finishes, wood or metal, you can save with the well known brand, and they do produce a pretty good quality fan for indoor use.

Fanimation -

This company focuses on fun design, belt driven indoor fan models; it is a little higher in price as well, due to the unique design and solid construction of the fans. You can find a great deal of disparity in style, as the company has a focus on delivering style, flair, and something that looks good, when you install it in any room of the home you are going to purchase the new fans for.

With several top name brands, you can find hundreds of styles, material finishes, and qualities, when you are looking for new ceiling fans for your home, or outdoor areas. These are some of the top choices you will find, all providing great quality, and a large price disparity between these top brands and suppliers for ceiling fans.