Creative Ways to Decorate With Wooden Letters

There are many different ways to decorate your home. One of the popular ways of decorating a bare room in your house is with wooden letters. Here are some unique ideas on how to decorate with wooden letters for any room in your house.

One great place to use the letters is in your kitchen. They make great wall decor in any room. Use them in a cafe style kitchen to spell out the words cafe or coffee. The letters can be even painted to the theme of the kitchen which in this case would be browns, reds, and tans. Paint little coffee cups on the letters for a great added touch! Surrounding the letters with pictures of coffee cups is a great idea when decorating in this theme.

The living room is another place that could benefit. They could be used to match pretty much any decor. An example is they could be used to spell out live, love, and laugh on one of the walls in room. They could be painted in the colors to match any furniture in the room as well as with little flowers or even stripes depending on the decor of the room. That's the great thing about wood letters, they can be painted to any color a person needs.

A kid's room is a third place that could benefit from wooden letters. Children love to own items that have their name on them. It would be easy to place wooden letters spelling out their name on the wall in their bedrooms. They could also be used in certain themed rooms such as a princess room to spell out the word princess. Painting the letters pink then adding yellow crowns all over would provide great decor for a bedroom. Add a little glitter to the yellow crowns by sprinkling it over some glue, for a great added touch. You could also provide your children with colorful cotton balls, crayons and many other materials so they can decorate their own letters.

A nursery is another place that could benefit from wood letters. Depending on the theme there are many different ways to decorate the wooden letters for this area. If you are good at painting and like a jungle theme you could paint leaves with animals such as lions onto the letters. If you are not so good with painting find some stickers that depict the same things, leaves and animals. Then paint the wooden letters a color that matches the bedroom and attach the stickers. Another idea is to place the complete alphabet either around the top or on one wall.

Glitter, paint, sequins and stickers are just a few different ideas to decorate your wooden letters with. The sky's the limit when deciding how to decorate the letters in each room of your home.