Designer Rugs - On The Cheap

Very few of us are not guilty of falling for designer labels and top-end luxury brands. The brands we buy, or aspire to own, give us a sense of prestige and confidence that the designer items we wear, or display are aesthetically pleasing and in-demand. The beauty of real high-end fashion is the limited number of goods in production and the prohibitive price-tag attached, meaning only a select few will ever own such a beautiful piece. The exclusivity of a designer item is a powerful draw in itself.

Of course, very few designers get to be known for creating un-fashionable or unpopular designs. For some consumers it is a dream to have a high-end luxury designer piece of furniture in their home, an aspiration that many can never afford to fulfil.

But there are alternatives to the expensive Chelsea retailers and high-streets of London. Why not have a designer-style rug made, to your own size and colours, and pay a fraction of the price of a luxury brand or top-end designer?

Companies around the country offer custom and bespoke rug making services and while they are a bit more expensive than your every day run-of-the-mill rug, the cost is nowhere near the type of price you would pay for a high-end designer label.

Many people have customised or bespoke rugs made for a multitude of reasons. Some require a very specific size or shape, others fall in love with a design but the colours are wrong for their interior. Some seek a custom rug to match colours and fabrics already in place in their own home or even design the rug themselves. All of this may seem irrelevant to the customer who desires a specific designer rug but can only dream of paying the four-figure sum for a medium sized floor covering. The true beauty of a custom rug is it can be made to almost any design, having a rug made that looks very much like a couture design is not only plausible but encouraged. In fact, the nature of custom rug making is that the client receives a one of a kind rug for their home, and simply drops the highly inflated designer price tag.

Depending on where you shop, custom rugs can be great value for money; while the fashion streets of London will charge astronomical prices for one-of-a-kind rugs, other suppliers are far more reasonable.

Next time you feel that pang of longing for that haute couture piece of furniture or fashion, think outside the box. It may not be as far out of your reach as you would expect.