Cellular Shades Are the Window Treatment That Shouts Style

Unlike traditional blinds, cellular shades feature a unique honeycomb shape that can do wonders for insulation and blocking light. From transparent options to black-out shades, cellular shades come in a range of fabrics and materials. Choose from designer fabrics, sheers, top-down shades and other window treatments features to improve the insulation in your home while increasing aesthetic appeal.

Energy efficiency is optimized with cellular shades, stemming from the pockets of air created in the honeycomb design. Lower cooling and heating bills are a given, but you'll also enjoy more sound absorption - and a quieter, more peaceful home. There are over 200 colors and designs along with an endless choice of shapes, from arches to hexagons, to choose from.

Room Darkening and Black-out Shades

Do you want an intimate and romantic glow to a particular room? Would you like to sleep in on the weekends without the sunrise being a natural alarm clock? Black-out cellular shades are generally available in 3/4-inch single or 3/8-inch double options.

The black-out fabrics on the single options keep rooms cool and dark, but the shades nearly disappear when raised due to their compact design. The double option maximizes insulation with a non-woven fabric and is available in a range of neutral colors as well as specialty colors like "cinnamon" and "marina" to match your personal taste.

Light-filtering and Semi-opaque Shades

If you don't quite want a room blacked out, but you do want to keep the heat and full sun rays at bay, light-filtering or semi-opaque cellular shades might be a better fit. These single and double shades are available in 3/8, 3/4 and 1/2-inch sizes. Shades create a solid barrier between your home and the outdoors, whether it's a sizzling summer or bone-chilling winter.

Top-down and Vertical Features

With cellular shades, there's no rule that says they need to be raised. They can be lowered to the bottom of the window or adjusted to the center of the window leaving space open at the top and bottom. Having a top-down shade not only lets you have full control of the system, but also introduces a unique design feature that's a real show stopper. This is one window treatment that will make everyone look twice.

Shades can also be vertical, which is perfect for sliding glass doors, patio entrances and French doors. You deserve a high-end shade that's designed to fit your lifestyle and needs - not the other way around.

Window Shades: Your Interior Design Trump Card

These appealing and always stylish window treatments can fit nearly any window, diffusing harsh light into a relaxing glow. When drawn, they're virtually invisible. There are no messy holes or tangled cords, they're simple to vacuum, and the look is flawless and sleek. Pick exactly how much light you'd like in your home. Light is the ultimate tool in interior design, and now you can define it with a stunning background that provides a luxurious landscape for any room. Cellular shades completed dress a window or can be combined with draperies or other window treatment to create effects that are more dramatic. Whether you prefer simplicity or want to make your windows one of the focal points in a room, cellular shades are the perfect choice.